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May 28, ’16

“Stop Intimidation” – New Political Nanny State Campaign in Antwerp, Belgium

The entire campaign is bound to miss its goal of eradicating public intimidation partially or entirely because the leading video for the campaign is already being received as being “comical” and “covertly racist”. No youngster will take this campaign serious in any way. – Continue

Meet The New Drone Killers

“DroneDefender carries two punches with two triggers. One jams the signal from a the drone’s command and control systems, thereby preventing the remote operator from controlling the drone. The other trigger disrupts the drone’s GPS or GLONASS autonomous guidance system, making it unable to get wherever it was headed.

DroneDefender looks like a futuristic shotgun, but this backpack-powered gun shoots nothing but “directed RF energy” in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands or global positioning bands. With a 400m range and an optical sight it’s a real nonlethal drone killer.” – Continue

New: Find the Patsies… with Mobilewatch (Whiterock)

“Mobilewatch is a nifty phone surveillance tool that detects, locates and monitors mobile devices in a given area. Whiterock CEO Raili Maripuu says interest in the product is large, partly as a response to the Paris [false flag] attacks. “With mobile detection systems, you would know where [the terrorists the patsies] are.” – Continue


Common Grounds in Libya: People Distrust Rothschild Banking, Welcome Russian-Printed Dinars

Hopefully the signal of working together more closely, if even for a brief moment, when it concerns banking is more than what it appears to the outside world. Lets hope that the rivaling governments in Libya see this plan as the best option available to successfully and without more needless blood-shedding break the chain that holds Libya shackled by the US and the UK governments and the rest of the zio sector. – Continue

May 27, ’16

Is The 1918 Fund Plotting a Regime Change in Iran?

“Behind the Politics of a Current Brouhaha in Iran: an Ex-President Ayatollah’s Daughter and the Baha’is” – Continue


People Ask Me: What is it with You and Your Fixation on “The Zio Sector”?

Download and use this as a .png file

Well, it’s the world’s biggest problem and #1 threat. It literally dwarfs anything else that one can mention or imagine.

It’s a known and extensively diagnosed cancer that society has yet to cut out completely if any of us want to live normal and peaceful lives in the future.

We simply can’t move on or build a better world with the Zio Sector around feeding off of us all.


KEN UPAL – Anti-Slave, Omni-Rebel

“Transgender Bathrooms” is in Fact Covert Feminism, Proves Jane Eisner (Zionist Editor-in-Chief of The Forward)

“This isn’t about transgender individuals behaving badly, it’s about men behaving badly.”Continue

May 26, ’16

Indonesia: Death Penalty and Chemical Castration for Child Sex Offenders

“Applause from the public Thursday, May 26 but activists warned the punishments would not serve as a deterrent.”Continue

Malaysia’s Immigration Department Says Computer System Sabotaged since 2010

“The report said a biometric facility worth RM10.3 million (US$2.5 million) was procured for myIMMs to screen and identify foreigners as well Malaysians at the country’s entry points but had not been installed and used.” – Continue

HA, I wonder if these guys with the same legs have something to do with that sabotage:


The “Iran Deal”: What the 1918 Billion Dollar World Jewry Fund Can Do…

…it now makes sense why an article published by Breitbart recently, “Soros-Backed Group that Helped Sell Iran Nuclear Deal Funds Media, DC Think Tanks”, locks perfectly in to the above. It basically reports and documents manifestations of The 1918 Fund and the power it has over today’s society after almost a century. – Continue

You Must Investigate Fort McMurray Wildfires!

The wildfires that are raging in Alberta, Canada must be investigated by independent individuals who have access to the areas there. We need more reports coming in from citizen journalism to have a fair counterbalance to what the regular press is presenting to the world.

For now there are already a few things I want to point out about the wildfires that may give independent investigators some more leads.

  1. Non-Disclosure
  2. Downscaling of Budgets
  3. Nuclear Waste

… – Continue

May 25, ’16

Make No Mistake About it, We Are in the Middle of a HUGE Religious War

Kurt Koch, Vatican official and Swiss cardinal:

“Christians Have a Mission to Convert all Muslims”

Cardinal Koch also said that Christians should not try and convert Jews and should view Judaism as a “mother”. “We have a mission to convert all non-Christian religions’ people [except] Judaism” – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update Update 32: “18 Batches of wreckage pieces”

Remember yesterday? They said that 18 batches with pieces of wreckage were already brought to Cairo by the Egyptian military.

Well, today I state with 100% certainty that those 18 batches are dubious at best if they exist at all.

Here’s why…

The source that releases the photos and that communicates about the wreckage online is this Facebook page (Egyptian army) and when being generous here none of the other 17 batches have been posted or even documented there in any way by them and that is why I call their bluff today and I’m tired of people buying into the popularized story while everything points out that that is merely a flimsy cover story.

By now we should already have seen piles of wreckage and debris. 18 batches is quite substantial when you ask me and that’s already old news in fact because the wreckage has been found they say. That’s at least 18 times the amount of what they posted and referred to as “debris” (update 19). Completely meaningless pieces of trash that can easily be picked up at any EgyptAir hangar. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 31 “MS804 Pilots ‘Spotted UFO Before Fatal Crash’”

I know I know… it’s getting more comical by the day but the above quote comes from the Huffington Post and that shows you just how much the press is toying with your perception of reality.

Now, the only thing that could have been anything close to a “UFO” (if at all true those alleged claims) being responsible for the flight’s demise is that it was not a UFO in the sense of alien intelligence but in the sense of an unidentified AWACS-like aircraft that assisted in the remote hijacking of flight 804. Which is why “they just vanished.”Continue

May 24, ’16

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 30

Supposedly, “so far pieces of the plane wreckage have been taken to Cairo in 18 batches” for investigation (ABC News). Let me repeat that: 18 batches with pieces of plane wreckage. Yet all we have so far are the stunning photos of shocking and conclusive “debris,” posted in update #19. – Continue


Newsflash: ‘Twinkism’ isn’t Natural. Yes, It’s Cultivated.

Yes, twinkism, the cult of teenage boys willingly submitting to the artificially acquired retardness of feminized counterparts who don’t even know for sure anymore whether or not the earth is flat or what the capital is of Japan. – Continue

Here’s Why I ALWAYS Bake My Own Bread WITHOUT Bread Improver or Preservatives

“84% Samples of Bread in Delhi Found to be Possibly Carcinogenic”

“The CSE conducted its test on variants of white bread, whole wheat or atta bread, as well as sandwich breads, pizza breads, burger buns and pavs from companies like Harvest Gold, Britannia, Le Marche, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, McDonald’s, Slice of Italy and Subway. It was carried out between May and June last year. As a result, a staggering 84 percent of the samples (34 on 38) were found to be laced with carcinogenic and thyroid triggering chemicals, particularly Potassium Bromate and Potassium Iodate.” – Continue

Syria Blames Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for Deadly Bombings

“The Ministry asserted that these terrorist bombings constitute a serious escalation by the extremist and malicious regimes of Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha, and that they seek to undermine the efforts that aim at stopping the shedding of Syrian blood.” – Continue

Young Philippine Presidential Administration Nominees Turned Off by Low Salaries

“The [Philippine] President’s basic salary is P120,000 per month.”Continue

“Israeli Death Penalty for Terrorists Won’t Apply to Jews.”

“TPP Would Subject Canadian Citizens’ Banking Data to U.S. PATRIOT Act”

This already is the reality since 2001 and the TPP or any other agreement is not needed for this – from the US government’s p.o.v. – since the UN and thus practically all nations part of it already give access (willingly or not via banking and or the Six Eyes) to such information, hence the UN’s public support for the “war on terror”.

I have personally witnessed this with my own international transactions and the US was not involved in this but the banks DID investigate “because of the war on terror”, their words.

The Guardian: “Russia Under Suspicion After Sabotage of Swedish Telecom Mast”

Talking about obvious propaganda…

“I would guess there is an international link,” analyst Hans Brun of the Swedish National Defence college told Swedish radio. “To be really honest it’s just a judgment and isn’t based on research, but in that case it is only Russia you can think would be interested.“

…”isn’t based on research” … No further comment needed.

Fungus: One Man’s Hypothesis On An Unknown Cause of Cancer

by Doug Kaufmann

“According to Milton White, MD, cancer is “neither the result of a virus nor the consequence of an inherited gene defect. Cancer is a hybrid. It is due to a plant bacterium (conidia) derived from an Ascomycete strain of fungus…”

With the exception of the word “bacterium” I’d agree 100%.” – Continue

Al-Hayat: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them

“This, my dear Arab and Muslim, is the policy of the American archives.” – MEMRI

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 29

FARS News: “Egyptian Media Blame Israel for A320 Passenger Jet Crash”

As for the shooting down and the war games, well, that may of course still be true and possible but the deliberate lack of pictures plays in the advantage of a remote hijacking here. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 27 + 28

“First Funeral Held for Air Stewardess Who Died on Fatal Flight”IBT

– – – – –



I told you already many times: ↑↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑↑:

“EgyptAir’s Crashed Flight MS804 ‘Did Not Swerve’”BBC

May 23, ’16

New Romeo & Juliet Play Called Anti-Semitic and Israel Bashing

A new Romeo & Juliet play is set in contemporary East Jerusalem and includes uniformed Israeli soldiers lording over Palestinians. In the play, a character depicting an Israeli soldier executes an unarmed Palestinian woman at close range. Zionists are furious, call it anti-semitic.

Buy tickets – Continue

The “Anti-Semitic” Trap

“Zionist … spread hate instead of love so to all the other jews peace be upon you!” – Continue

Binali Yildirim Formally Acquired Post of Turkish Prime Minister

“The shakeup is supposedly meant to help Erdogan fulfill his wish to overhaul the Turkish constitution and extend his presidential powers.”Continue

Japanese Startup to Create Artificial Meteor Shower for Olympics 2020

“The particles would be launched around the world from the spacecraft before entering the atmosphere and beginning to burn at a height of around 40 to 50 miles. … The spectacle comes with a price tag – each meteor pellet will cost Japan $8,100” – Continue

Germany’s Bayer Offers $62 Billion in Cash to Buy Monsanto

“Bank of America Corp. and Credit Suisse Group AG are the financing banks for Bayer, while Rothschild has been retained as an additional financial adviser.”Continue

1.4 Billion Yen Stolen from 1,400 Convenience Store ATMs Across Japan

“ATM transaction data suggests that information from 1,600 credit cards issued by a South African bank was used, the sources said.”Continue

Dear “Skeptics,” Bash Homeopathy and Bigfoot Less, Mammograms and War More

“I’m a science journalist. I don’t celebrate science, I criticize it, because science needs critics more than cheerleaders. I point out gaps between scientific hype and reality. That keeps me busy, because, as you know, most peer-reviewed scientific claims are wrong.”Continue

US Government Is the Rogue Creator of 96 Pools of Spent Reactor Fuel

At this day and age there is no valid reason anymore for any nation at all to have unused spent nuclear reactor fuel pools sitting around. None at all. Unless willful hostile intentions are playing their part too. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 26

The Truth Behind the Demise of EgyptAir Flight 804 Uncovered?

Certainly the deployment of also a French nuclear submarine to the region cannot possibly have anything to do with the search for flight 804, after all the wreckage and debris have been located already (first item of today’s update #26) and ridiculously meaningless photos of “debris” have been released. – Continue

May 22, ’16

Is This Proof EU is Close to Setting Up its Army?

“Despite owing its allegiance to the Crown, the British Army was even ordered to emblazoned Headquarter vehicles with EU flags asserting beyond any doubt that they were not involved in a NATO exercise.”Continue

Sheldon Adelson Backs Trump Trip to Israel After $100 Million Pledge

“Three conservative sources with strong ties to Adelson say that the multibillionaire has touted the merits of a Trump trip to Israel, and planning has begun, though nothing has been finalized. “I’m sure Sheldon suggested the trip,” said one conservative donor close to Adelson.

Mort Klein, who runs the Zionist Organization of America and is close to Adelson, told the Guardian that Trump’s point man for Israel, Jason Greenblatt, informed him several weeks ago that Trump was “going to go there [Israel] before the [GOP] convention” which begins on 18 July.”Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 25

“Black boxes for downed EgyptAir flight ‘located’ close to wreckage (i24News)” MEANS 1 of these 2 options only and nothing else – Continue

Social Engineering

UN AIDS: LGBT Groups Not Welcomed by Russia, Cameroon, Tanzania and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 57-Nation Bloc

“Of the excluded groups, 16 will be attending as part of the delegations of other accredited organizations.”Continue

Welcome to the Nursing Nanny State

Apparently it is real, these new strollers for adults are finding their way onto the streets. True, the humor of it can be appreciated, people who actually buy and actively use this, however, not. – Continue

(Man Made) Climate Change Swindle

Yahoo News:

“Denial and skepticism about climate change remain a problem in the United States, where a recent Gallup poll found that one in three people do not blame human activity for global warming, and 57 percent do not see climate change as a serious threat. Some say the media is to blame for these beliefs.”

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 24

When Wikipedia (of all dubious sources and references one can use) is not following “the terrorists did it” angle then that says a lot about that narrative, see update 23.

Here’s the chart Wikipedia is using to document the aircraft’s last altitude and speed. Indeed, just like Ehab Mohy el-Deen said: “They just vanished.”




EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 23: Israel Homeland Security

The false story of Egyptair flight 804 having been shot down with a missile or having been the target of a bomb is so paper thin, fragile, weak and transparent that even Israel Homeland Security (i-HLS) stays away from it, and trust me, they are always the first ones to jump on or create a (ISIS) terrorist bandwagon. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 22: “We May Never Find Out What Became of Flight MS804”

Here you go, this is exactly what one would expect when the alleged found wreckage is being kept totally secret on purpose (no photos of it after three days!). – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 21: Why the “Missile” and “Bomb” Theories are Wrong and Misinformation at Best

Simple, if there was a bomb explosion or a hit by a missile the ACARS messages would be a lot different and the list would be much longer, especially repeated alerts of decompression because that’s what a bomb and missile would do, they’d rip open the plane and decompression does not activate smoke detectors, that latter angle is completely ridiculous for a commercial jet. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 20

When the press starts pushing a certain narrative or twist to developing stories it’s almost always, lately, a safe bet to go upstream instead. Which is why I’m already feeling a lot of suspicion about two things (not to mention everything previously brought forward): Fire and batteries – Continue

May 21, ’16

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 19: Debris?

It is being reported that these are the first remains that have been gathered from flight MS804’s “crash scene”… – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 18: Passenger Manifest?

It is being reported that the passenger manifest for EgyptAir flight MS804 has been leaked to the public. If it is the real manifesto I don’t know but names reported in the media are listed. Get your copy – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 17

“JewsNews” Strikes Back… No Kidding:

JewsNews.co.il: “The Captain Of Flight Doomed Egypt Air Flight MS804 Was A Muslim Linked To Major Muslim Terrorist Involved In Killing Americans In Benghazi”

Now let us eagerly shred this ridiculously transparent zio sector propaganda – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 16

From the alleged ACARS messages for flight 804 (image), more specifically the last two of the seven … it can practically be guaranteed that indeed the airplane was taken over by an outside party to the events – i.e. remote hijacking. “Heading”, “speed”, “altitude” “spoiler and elevator control” are what you would expect to be lost control over when your aircraft is being piloted remotely by a hostile person or group of persons. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 15



Part 1: Smoke detected in aircraft lavatory

Part 2: NO PHOTOS of wreckage and debris = Likely AWACSed – Continue

May 20, ’16

“Israel set to form ‘most extremist government in history’”Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 14

Allegedly the following image is from ESA’s Sentinel 1 satellite and claims to show a potential oil slick from flight 804. … ESA’s crap isn’t even Sega 8-bit worthy. Like I said, they are just toying with the public. – Continue


EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 13

So far nothing points to (muslim) terrorism but that is not holding ITV from blindly jumping on “the terrorists did it” bandwagon, and to publicly show intense dedication and loyalty to the Zio Sector, ditto for Jonathan Edwards MP (UK). – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 12

Anthee Carassava (The Times): “GReek MoD confirms bodies, #MS804 plane parts and backages found 5 miles south of spot where #EgyptAir flight went off radar”Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 11


“Passenger belongings and parts of the aircraft were found 180 miles (290 kilometers) north of the coastal city of Alexandria, according to a statement from the armed forces.” – posted at 5:11 a.m. ET by CNN

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 10

They are, allegedly, already searching for the black boxes now among the debris that was, allegedly, found. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 9: Israel to Share Expertise on Anti-Terror Measures

We have officially entered the Zio Sector their false “terrorists did it” narrative. Why else would The Telegraph publish the following (note that there is no official reason to assume yet that terrorism of any kind is the cause of EgyptAir’s flight 804 disappearance) … – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 8

I know that the lies are intensifying – on how the airplane supposedly swirled and made 90 and 360 degree turns and then went down gradually to crash at a supposedly unknown location – but I’m holding my ground here and still align my position with Ehab Mohy el-Deen’s quote, “they did not radio for help or lose altitude. They just vanished,” which has been sent into the memory hole for obvious reasons. Now is the time to stay true to your cause and missions, don’t give them an inch.

Besides, the satellite imagery (update 5) says it ALL. They know exactly where EgyptAir 804 went down if it did indeed crash. Please, don’t go chasing your own tail here now OK? Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 7

Proof of Russia Being a USA-Israeli Ally and Co-Conspirator in the Zio Sector’s War on Terror

TASS.ru: “According to director of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov, the crash was “most likely” caused by a terrorist attack”

The FSB mouthpiece concludes this from what exactly? Because the Israeli intelligence agencies said so? HAH! Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 6: Obvious Build Up…

“US Officials: Early Theory is Bomb Downed Plane” (CNN)

  • “ISIS terrorists did it” narrative, ETA 0700 GMT Continue


EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 5


The satellite imagery = All details are known … but are not provided to you on purpose so the false war on terror can be continued and expanded and France can extend its martial law nationwide. – Continue

EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 4

Nice updates coming from Willy Loman: “Egyptair Flight MS804’s flight path took them right through the area they were holding the Phoenix Express 2016 joint naval drills in the Mediterranean Sea.”Continue

May 19, ’16

EgyptAir Flight 804 “Did Not Lose Altitude … Just Vanished”

For now details are very scarce but there is a quote from the New York Times (NYT) that draws my attention more than anything else. – Continue

Paul Joseph Watson: “George Clooney is a Moron”

They are BOTH morons and hypocrites… Paul Joseph Watson AND Clooney.

Watson has provably been entertaining his audience as a mouthpiece for the Zio Sector’s foreign policy coming from the USA. Especially since THOSE previous Infowars hoax videos wherein ISIS allegedly was in Mexico and where Infowars was allegedly targeted by ISIS – Watson has been pumping the Zio Sector’s “hate the muslim” brainwashing campaign. It has become worse and worse.

In fact the entire Infowars outfit has been able to divert their “truther” audience away from the so-called truth movement – to now have that audience largely align with the war mongering and war policies of the US government, this is glaringly obvious with the promotion and support for Trump who WILL wage war with Iran as well.

New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

“The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.” – Continue

“Time Does Not Exist, Humans Merely Invented It,” Alternative Voices Say

Time DOES exist. Plants respond in certain ways, even if the respective season’s weather and climate is off, plants do respond as they were programmed by/over TIME.

Swiss Muslims Demand Cross be Removed from Swiss Flag

This is actually a 5-year-old topic but for some reason has been put in the spotlight again online.

The thing is… the creator of that campaign in 2011 – Ivica Petrusic – was, at that time at least, a christian Bosnian Croat, not a muslim and not a Swiss national as far as media reports from back then are concerned.

Related: Debunked: Photo of ‘Muslims in Switzerland’ taken in… Pakistan

Chinese Steel Taxes: More American Hypocrisy

It’s likely the biggest and best known advocate of the so-called ‘free market’, the United States of America. It’s everywhere you look and listen.

Unless of course the competition has arrived somewhere with a similar product at near dumping prices, then the idea of free market is not that big of a deal anymore all of a sudden. – Continue

May 17, ’16

Stupid Reporting: “Obama at War Longer Than any US President…”

…That’s what mainstream and alternative media outlets are sending into the world today and it’s entirely stupid beyond anything I have seen lately – and I have seen quite some idiotic reporting in the past few days alone, but that’s another topic. – Continue

May 15, ’16

EU Super Dictatorship: Member States Merging Their Military with Germany’s – Continue


Netanyahu: Americans are EASILY Manipulated

When alternative voices say that zionism controls the world it’s always regarded as if those folks come from another planet – and more importantly are anti jewish and, thus, extreme racists who need to be put in reeducation camps. – Continue

May 14, ’16

“How the Israelis Hoodwinked JFK on Going Nuclear” Foreign Policy

Worried that a nuclear-armed Israel would destabilize the Middle East, Kennedy wanted to bring his concerns directly to Ben-Gurion.

Watch Out: Sheldon Adelson’s Endorsement of Trump May Change the Game Permanently – Continue

May 13, ’16

Alleged Killing of Hezbollah Military Commander in Syria Documents Staged Nature of Standoffs

The alleged killing of Mustafa Badreddine, the Hezbollah military commander, in Damascus by Israeli airstrikes shows how the cards are exactly positioned on the drawing board. – Continue

The Zika Summer Olympics

If I were you I wouldn’t go to Rio during the 2016 Zika Olympics. – Continue

Why the Kurdish Wars Were and Always Will be Zionist Wars

Jerusalem Post: “‘This is our 1948’: Kurds kindle a close relationship with Jews and Israel”

May 12, ’16

Rilatine Trafficking

Apparently the Belgian government has created for itself a nice off-the-record market by illegally trafficking rilatine (methylphenidate) into the country… since 1995. – Continue

EU “Cookie Law”

Talking about being a submissive protester…

More and more websites belonging to truthers, activists and dissenters are displaying a banner or notice that informs about the EU’s cookie law, which demands that website admins tell their visitors that they are being tracked. – Continue

WRH – GCN Radio Network

What Really Happened has moved its radio show away from the zionist GCN radio network. Good move.

Duterte (Philippines) Worse Than Trump (USA)

For some reason the press is showing the newly elected Philippine president in a bad light and going as far as claiming that he is much worse than Trump, if he should become the US president.

I haven’t intensely investigated this matter but I know that the new Philippine president does have links to some (former) communists and that at least one is being floated to have a position in the coming administration. If that is the reason why Duterte is evil then all I can say is that the USA has been a role model. I mean, look at that country, it’s hard to find a government that is leaning more towards communism and is more totalitarian then that one.

Well, there is China…

Ken Upal


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