Alleged Killing of Hezbollah Military Commander in Syria Documents Staged Nature of Standoffs

The alleged killing of Mustafa Badreddine, the Hezbollah military commander, in Damascus by Israeli airstrikes shows how the cards are exactly positioned on the drawing board.

With all the Syrian, Russian and Iranian military presence in Syria it should be impossible for Israel to even cross the boarder into Syria. The fact that they can and even “surgically” strike with rockets in Syria’s capital documents that the Israeli government already largely owns the Middle East with the USA as its most important sidekick.

Please, tell me again that the whole Middle East war isn’t staged and perfectly controlled warfare.

I never believed that the standoff between the US and Russia for instance is 100% real, for the simple fact that they publicly allow Israeli intelligence to be the middleman in their communications (of all the people and institutions they are the ones who do that job. I hope people see the irony here).

This latest strike and alleged killing further proves my point.

Ken Upal


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Ken Upal

I'm an Anti-Slave and Omni-Rebel.

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