EU Super Dictatorship: Member States Merging Their Military with Germany’s

Yes, the EU construct is a secretive elite‘s creation, even though all Europhiles will try to make you believe that that is only a conspiracy theory and not a fact.

Still, even the UK’s Telegraph has repeatedly reported about how this secretive elite operated in the past to get to the point where we are today, with the European ‘Union’.

And that is not even mentioning any of the roles that Bilderberg has been playing in the formation of the EU dictatorship. Yes, dictatorship, because the Belgians, who have been holding the EU capital, never were allowed to cast their votes in any referendum out of fear – by the secretive elite – that they would have rightfully rejected the EU vampire (would have voted NO to its constitution and to joining).

All of this though doesn’t seem to hold the same secretive EU elite from forcing smaller and smaller military budgets upon the national governments through blackmailing, extortion and the belief that those who obey the EU cult will become filthy rich  – the people their will be damned.

Pushing this further, the EU already demands by now that member states gradually merge their military… with Germany’s own national military over which the EU and NATO (and, thus, the USA and Israel) can then have full command and can avail of freely to their liking.

The fact that we have actually arrived at this stage is creepy, the notion of actually having merging armies under a EU dictatorship is by all standards orwellian. And believe me, as you well know already, the boot WILL be stamping on the European faces – forever, and unpunished, if no action is undertaken NOW.

Looking at the USA, where the police is fully militarized and the military is being used against the US its own population, the future for Europe isn’t all joy joy feelings. Instead of focusing on soccer and the Zika Olympics the Europeans had better be paying attention and investing their time meaningfully if they want to avoid that boot.

Ken Upal


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Ken Upal

I'm an Anti-Slave and Omni-Rebel.

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