Stupid Reporting: “Obama at War Longer Than any US President…”

…That’s what mainstream and alternative media outlets are sending into the world today and it’s entirely stupid beyond anything I have seen lately – and I have seen quite some idiotic reporting in the past few days alone, but that’s another topic.

This idea that is being presented by both ends of the media spectrum is stupid because the USA has been actively at war ever since it lived its first day on this planet. There hasn’t been a single day in the US its history that its government wasn’t killing people somewhere around the world, for varying reasons but still always within the framework of the common imperialistic agenda.

Trying to follow the reasoning of the establishment press and their alternative counterpart – whose reportings are increasingly becoming identical in nature and quality – that Obama is at war longer than any other US president, one can only conclude that none of the media blocks understand or actually know the USA’s history of warfare.

Any two-term US president has, thus, (following the same reasoning) been “at war longer than any other US president.”

Go ahead, name one country where the USA hasn’t been waging war, openly or secretly. Name one day of any given year that didn’t include the murdering of anyone at the hands of any US institution or agency. They don’t exist… because the USA has always been at war in someway and it is the very nature of this beast.

Without it, without war and murdering, the US hasn’t got any purpose to exist and the government, the military complex and the intelligence agencies know it all too well.

The day that there is really world peace the USA will instantly stop to exist, it’s really that simple.

Ken Upal


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Ken Upal

I'm an Anti-Slave and Omni-Rebel.

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