EgyptAir Flight 804 “Did Not Lose Altitude … Just Vanished”

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May 25, ’16

Update 32: “18 Batches of wreckage pieces”

Remember yesterday? They said that 18 batches with pieces of wreckage were already brought to Cairo by the Egyptian military.

Well, today I state with 100% certainty that those 18 batches are dubious at best if they exist at all.

Here’s why…

The source that releases the photos and that communicates about the wreckage online is this Facebook page (Egyptian army) and when being generous here none of the other 17 batches have been posted or even documented there in any way by them and that is why I call their bluff today and I’m tired of people buying into the popularized story while everything points out that that is merely a flimsy cover story.

By now we should already have seen piles of wreckage and debris. 18 batches is quite substantial when you ask me and that’s already old news in fact because the wreckage has been found they say. That’s at least 18 times the amount of what they posted and referred to as “debris” (update 19). Completely meaningless pieces of trash that can easily be picked up at any EgyptAir hangar.

Update 31: “EgyptAir MS804 Pilots ‘Spotted UFO Before Fatal Crash’”

I know I know… it’s getting more comical by the day but the above quote comes from the Huffington Post and that shows you just how much the press is toying with your perception of reality.

Now, the only thing that could have been anything close to a “UFO” (if at all true those alleged claims) being responsible for the flight’s demise is that it was not a UFO in the sense of alien intelligence but in the sense of an unidentified AWACS-like aircraft that assisted in the remote hijacking of flight 804. Which is why “they just vanished.”

May 24, ’16

Update 30

Supposedly, “so far pieces of the plane wreckage have been taken to Cairo in 18 batches” for investigation (ABC News). Let me repeat that: 18 batches with pieces of plane wreckage. Yet all we have so far are the stunning photos of shocking and conclusive “debris,” posted in update #19 below. If you still don’t feel toyed with by the press and the governments then I don’t know what ever will at this stage.

In addition, the alleged arms and legs they found now all of a sudden seem to be mere 80 pieces of limbs, the evidence suddenly got smaller, just like that – overnight. Truly, comically magical.

Update 29

FARS News: “Egyptian Media Blame Israel for A320 Passenger Jet Crash”

As for the shooting down and the war games, well, that may of course still be true and possible but the deliberate lack of pictures plays in the advantage of a remote hijacking here. – Continue

Update 28

First Funeral Held for Air Stewardess Who Died on Fatal Flight – IBT

Update 27



I told you already many times: ↑↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑↑:

EgyptAir’s Crashed Flight MS804 ‘Did Not Swerve’ – BBC

May 23, ’16

Update 26

The Truth Behind the Demise of EgyptAir Flight 804 Uncovered?

Certainly the deployment of also a French nuclear submarine to the region cannot possibly have anything to do with the search for flight 804, after all the wreckage and debris have been located already (first item of today’s update #26) and ridiculously meaningless photos of “debris” have been released. – Continue

May 22, ’16

Update 25

“Black boxes for downed EgyptAir flight ‘located’ close to wreckage (i24News)” MEANS 1 of these 2 options only and nothing else:

  1. Either they deliberately keep the wreckage secret by not releasing the photos
  2. There is no wreckage since it all revolves around a remote hijacking

Update 24

When Wikipedia (of all dubious sources and references one can use) is not following “the terrorists did it” angle then that says a lot about that narrative, see update 23.

Here’s the chart Wikipedia is using to document the aircraft’s last altitude and speed. Indeed, just like Ehab Mohy el-Deen said: “They just vanished.”




Update 23: Israel Homeland Security

The false story of Egyptair flight 804 having been shot down with a missile or having been the target of a bomb is so paper thin, fragile, weak and transparent that even Israel Homeland Security (i-HLS) stays away from it, and trust me, they are always the first ones to jump on or create a (ISIS) terrorist bandwagon.

Nothing about EgyptAir flight 804 is mentioned on their website as I write this and we are three days into the propaganda cycle.


* * * * *


Update 22: “We May Never Find Out What Became of Flight MS804”

Here you go, this is exactly what one would expect when the alleged found wreckage is being kept totally secret on purpose (no photos of it after three days!).

Belfast Telegraph: “We may never find out what became of flight MS804 … Uncertainty is the new norm in aviation and in tourism. And there is no sign of this changing.”

… Conditioning the public into the next phase, ↑↑↑↑↑, now that all the hard questions have been asked and are being avoided like the plague.

Update 21: Why the “Missile” and “Bomb” Theories are Wrong and Misinformation at Best

Simple, if there was a bomb explosion or a hit by a missile the ACARS messages would be a lot different and the list would be much longer, especially repeated alerts of decompression because that’s what a bomb and missile would do, they’d rip open the plane and decompression does not activate smoke detectors, that latter angle is completely ridiculous for a commercial jet.

Which is why we have to limit our investigations to the clues and indications that can be trusted the most and those are practically always the ones that the media ignores or tries to divert into the memory hole. Therefore bomb and missile and explosion are to be perceived as dubious theories and narrative spinning-  away from the facts, such as that there have still no photos been provided from the wreckage even though also the black boxes have been found allegedly.

KNOE – CBS: Investigators also found the doomed flight’s black boxes about 180 miles north of the Egyptian port city of Alexandria. The data could help determine what caused the plane to plummet wildly into the Mediterranean Sea Thursday morning, killing all 66 people on board.

I will repeat it once again. They are toying with you, they are mocking the public, it’s obvious and this EgyptAir Flight MS804 report proves that very clearly.

Update 20

When the press starts pushing a certain narrative or twist to developing stories it’s almost always, lately, a safe bet to go upstream instead. Which is why I’m already feeling a lot of suspicion about two things (not to mention everything previously brought forward).


BBC: “Fires are a growing problem for airlines”

Right, airplanes get more sophisticated and more safe every year but somehow they also aren’t actually, well, according to the BBC.

And the reason for this is… the batteries in your devices…


I hope you can see the twist coming here. Yes, for your safety you will no longer be allowed to carry phones, laptops, tablets, ipads, ipods and what not on an airplane unless you have them deposited at check-inn after which they will be stored safely in designated containers on board and handed back to you after landing at your destination. During which time anything and everything can be tapped from your devices freely by the CIA and Mossad. Isn’t that cute, easy and fantastically orwellian? Come on admit it, it is. It is extremely convenient to frame anyone in this way. Think of the budget you can save when working in this manner – all those man hours saved that would otherwise be needed to track everything and everyone down separately, budget you can then use for more false flag attacks, hoaxes and black ops.

It’s actually funny how silly the narrative and twists have become in mere hours since the great revelation of “debris.” Of course “fire” has to be the leading word now, so that gradually the story can be further built up to “SEE, the terrorists REALLY did it and they were not cultivated by the mossad or MI6 or the CIA, no they were really muslim terrorists who hated our democratic way of oppressing people.”

No matter how hard anyone tries to prove anything else, I still am convinced we are not dealing with a crash and the Phoenix Express 2016 naval exercises may at first have been interesting but too much time has passed and too many other details don’t add up anymore to make that one stick.

May 21, ’16

Update 19: Debris?

It is being reported that these are the first remains that have been gathered from flight MS804’s “crash scene.” It took them 3 days to come up with this…

And this proves what exactly? Anyone can toss around some items and trash from a hangar where EgyptAir’s planes are repaired. Don’t hold your breath on these pieces of “debris”. It’s going to take a lot more than this to make me reconsider my entire position on this matter.

As far as I’m concerned everything still stands as reported here over the past days.

It’s quite convenient that when more and more folks discover the facts about this whole charade the Egyptian navy and the western press release “the evidence” that needs to  take away all of our doubts and that needs to topple our independent investigations. What a joke, like I said earlier they are just toying with the public and these photos and that video of alleged debris make that all the more obvious.

They needed 3 full days for this. Quite stunning. I’m truly shocked and impressed now.

Update 18: Passenger Manifest?

It is being reported that the passenger manifest for EgyptAir flight MS804 has been leaked to the public. If it is the real manifesto I don’t know but names reported in the media are listed. Get your copy below:



Update 17

“JewsNews” Strikes Back… No Kidding: The Captain Of Flight Doomed Egypt Air Flight MS804 Was A Muslim Linked To Major Muslim Terrorist Involved In Killing Americans In Benghazi

Now let us eagerly shred this ridiculously transparent zio sector propaganda:

It matters not what they say about the captain of flight MS804 because what it REALLY boils down to – in relation to this specific issue – is that the Benghazi psyop involved the CIA and Clinton who murdered their own countrymen in Libya in 2012 (FACT!).

There was no US consulate or US embassy in Benghazi, nor is there one today. So, if indeed Christopher Stevens was there and died on September 11, 2012, then he died at the hands of the CIA and Clinton, not at the hands of captain Ahmad Shukeir his alleged friends. It’s really as simple as that.

Stevens knew about his government’s illegal trafficking of USA weaponry into the Middle East via Benghazi, Libya. Which is why he in such case would have been murdered by his own government.


I literally told you that this angle was coming TODAY and voila… Here it is! As if on cue.

Now lets all say it together right now: JEWSNEWS THEIR DISINFO PIECE = ZIO SECTOR PROPAGANDA!

Update 16

From the alleged ACARS messages for flight 804 (image), more specifically the last two of the seven…

  • 00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT: (reportedly) is the panel with selectors such as heading, speed ,altitude, F/D, A/P selectors.
  • 00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT: (reportedly) is 1 of 3 computers related to spoiler and elevator control.

… it can practically be guaranteed that indeed the airplane was taken over by an outside party to the events – i.e. remote hijacking. “Heading”, “speed”, “altitude” “spoiler and elevator control” are what you would expect to be lost control over when your aircraft is being piloted remotely by a hostile person or group of persons.

Anonymous avionics geek: “If this [ACARS] report is true and there had been an explosion there would be a list of messages as long as your leg…”

Remember: No photos from the wreckage/debris after two days (and it has been found allegedly when the press is to be believed) means there is/was NO CRASH of flight 804 at all and, thus, it is exactly as Ehab Mohy el-Deen said: “They just vanished” (landed off-target).

Update 15



Part 1

Allegedly EgyptAir Flight 804’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) reported that “smoke was detected in the aircraft lavatory at 2.26 am [I suppose local time]. That by itself doesn’t necessarily mean anything yet in relation to the disappearance of the Airbus A320 because:

  1. The smoke in the lavatory may as well have been simply someone lighting up a cigarette;
  2. The smoke in the lavatory didn’t necessarily mean that there was a pilot in there too. Although the pilot has to leave the cockpit in order to use the lavatory (see the Germanwings episode for that), the smoke in this lavatory wasn’t in the cockpit so trying to twist this detail to make it fit the already popularized “official” report isn’t going to work, at all. Forget it! No way! It simply won’t stick!

Part 2

It’s been two (2) days and the reports of the wreckage (allegedly) having been found are all over the newswires, right?

So where is any photo documenting this wreckage and debris?

Any at all? No, NONE… and that is entirely impossible with all the press and media outlets that are breathing down the governments’ and EgyptAir’s necks.

What this means is that we are likely going to have to reconsider the very last option I mentioned two days ago, that an AWACS-like airplane was in the immediate vicinity of flight 804 and hijacked it in order to guide it to an alternate destination, to Israel for instance which is REALLY close from where flight 804 went “missing”.

And then the smoke in the CR of the airplane would make perfect sense. Think about it… Light up a cigarette, make some smoke and make the ground crew (ACARS) believe a fire is raging through the aircraft… after which it unfortunately crashed 290 km from Egypt’s coast.

May 20, ’16

Update 14

Allegedly the following image is from ESA’s Sentinel 1 satellite and claims to show a potential oil slick from flight 804.

Now, not for one second am I going to believe that this is actually the best they can do up there in space. Ask the CIA and Israeli intel and when they are honest they’ll tell you that HD satellite footage is already the standard. ESA’s crap isn’t even Sega 8-bit worthy. Like I said, they are just toying with the public.

ESA surely is not the only one with eyes over the Mediterranean and I even bet that the joint US-Israeli military and intelligence communities are actually filming the very region 24/7 in HD.


Update 13

So far nothing points to (muslim) terrorism but that is not holding ITV from blindly jumping on “the terrorists did it” bandwagon, and to publicly show intense dedication and loyalty to the Zio Sector, ditto for Jonathan Edwards MP (UK).

The community is stunned that someone from Carmarthenshire has been killed in this terrorist atrocity.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family – especially considering that Mr Osman was a new father.

I’m sure the authorities will be urgently investigating how an explosive device has been delivered onto a plane from one of Europe’s busiest airports. – Jonathan Edwards MP

Update 12

Anthee Carassava (The Times): “GReek MoD confirms bodies, #MS804 plane parts and backages found 5 miles south of spot where #EgyptAir flight went off radar”

Update 11


“Passenger belongings and parts of the aircraft were found 180 miles (290 kilometers) north of the coastal city of Alexandria, according to a statement from the armed forces.” – posted at 5:11 a.m. ET by CNN

Update 10

They are, allegedly, already searching for the black boxes now among the debris that was, allegedly, found.

Update 9: Israel to Share Expertise on Anti-Terror Measures

We have officially entered the Zio Sector their false “terrorists did it” narrative. Why else would The Telegraph publish the following (note that there is no official reason to assume yet that terrorism of any kind is the cause of EgyptAir’s flight 804 disappearance):

The Telegraph

The steeplechase of security checks at Ben Gurion International Airport begins long before an erstwhile passenger reaches the terminal building.

At the airport entrance – over two miles from the check-in desks – armed guards screen every arriving vehicle and briefly question those inside.

By the time a traveller is finally allowed to board a plane departing from Israel, he or she will have cleared no less than 12 layers of security.

The disappearance of EgyptAir flight MS804 after its departure from Paris has raised more questions about the ability of European airports to protect their passengers.

Next month, Ben Gurion airport will share its expertise with aviation security officials from 33 countries, including Britain and France.

Israel has suffered decades of terrorism, but no-one has been killed or wounded inside Ben Gurion airport – or on board an aircraft departing from its runways – for the last 44 years.

This was not a matter of chance. Ben Gurion is the only international airport in Israel, so the country would be isolated from the world if any terrorist group were to shut down its terminal buildings.

It simply is a matter of connecting the dots from hereon. Muslim terrorists will falsely be blamed for the “crash” and, thus, the world needs more security measures and laws – kindly provided and drafted by the most extremist Israeli government in history.

Update 8

I know that the lies are intensifying – on how the airplane supposedly swirled and made 90 and 360 degree turns and then went down gradually to crash at a supposedly unknown location – but I’m holding my ground here and still align my position with Ehab Mohy el-Deen’s quote, “they did not radio for help or lose altitude. They just vanished,” which has been sent into the memory hole for obvious reasons. Now is the time to stay true to your cause and missions, don’t give them an inch.

Besides, the satellite imagery (update 5) says it ALL. They know exactly where EgyptAir 804 went down if it did indeed crash. Please, don’t go chasing your own tail here now OK?

Update 7

Proof of Russia Being a USA-Israeli Ally and Co-Conspirator in the Zio Sector’s War on Terror “According to director of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov, the crash was “most likely” caused by a terrorist attack”

The FSB mouthpiece concludes this from what exactly? Because the Israeli intelligence agencies said so? HAH!

Update 6: Obvious Build Up…

“US Officials: Early Theory is Bomb Downed Plane” (CNN)

  • “ISIS terrorists did it” narrative, ETA 0700 GMT



First, I’m sticking to my initial approach from yesterday, and for very good reasons…

I told you that the New York Times had deleted the quote from “Ehab Mohy el-Deen” but they, at the time, didn’t provide an update notice under their article for it so I gave them an extra 24 hours to do so. By now they still haven’t published an update notice concerning “Ehab Mohy el-Deen” – the head of Egypt’s air navigation authority – his missing quote. Even though his name and quote came indeed from the respective NYT article to which all other press outlets referred in their initial reporting yesterday.


Note that indeed the New York Times DOES publish update notifications for their articles (selectively of course, obviously!) – as can be seen in the current update notice under the respective EgyptAir flight 804 article by the NYT:


And here is why this very issue about Ehab Mohy el-Deen and his missing quote is getting more important every second that passes.

From the very start of the new news cycle that was going to revolve around EgyptAir flight 804 it was already known that the commercial airplane was taken out in air combat or by an other deliberate act, either due to the Phoenix Express 2016 naval exercises or a similar attack or event, be it a bomb on board or (a) missile(s).

The fact that practically the entire media spectrum, mainstream and alternative, is already trying to make you believe that muslim terrorists did this screams: ZIO SECTOR PROPAGANDA!

The entire popularized version of what supposedly happened to flight 804 is a lie and the media, both establishment and alt, are willfully making a huge mess of it while trying to collect your advertisement budget and survival cash.

It’s literally glaringly obvious:

“US Review of EgyptAir Imagery Shows no Signs of Blast — Officials” – GMA News

“A US review of satellite imagery so far has not produced any signs of an explosion aboard the EgyptAir flight that crashed on Thursday en route from Paris to Cairo, officials from multiple US agencies told Reuters.”

Now try to rhyme that US intel report above with what they are trying to push at this very moment, that muslim terrorism is responsible for the disappearance of EgyptAir’s flight 804 –  or even try to rhyme it with Ehab Mohy el-Deen’s missing quote.

The fact that there is clear satellite imagery should tell you that they know exactly what happened, when and where. All the details are known to the intel community and the government-sponsored perpetrators.

Like I said, they are all making a nasty mess of it deliberately and the media can’t tell one lie from another anymore. They have lied so much and so extensively only in this case alone already that their “official story” has already crashed and burned and we’re not even 48 hours into the propaganda.

That’s the current state of affairs in practically the entire news media spectrum.


The satellite imagery = All details are known … but are not provided to you on purpose so the false war on terror can be continued and expanded and France can extend its martial law nationwide.

Update 4: Nice updates coming from Willy Loman:

May 19, ’16

Update 3: “an Israeli newspaper quoted witnesses as saying they saw a fireball in the sky around the time the plane disappeared.”CBS DFW

Update 2: “A defence ministry source said authorities were also investigating an account from the captain of a merchant ship who reported seeing a ‘flame in the sky’ in the area.”AJE News

Update 1: From and including Saturday March 8, 2014 (flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines) to and including Thursday May 19, 2016 is 804 days (EgyptAir flight MS804).

EgyptAir flight MS804/MSR804 is reportedly “missing”… or it has crashed.

For now details are very scarce but there is a quote from the New York Times (NYT) that draws my attention more than anything else.

“They did not radio for help or lose altitude. They just vanished” – Ehab Mohy el-Deen, head of the Egyptian air navigation authority

At least that’s what dozens of other press outlets claim because the original quote can’t be found anymore in the NYT article that ALL other news outlets refer to, i.e.


If the quote was there at all, it certainly isn’t there anymore now from where I’m seeing things. Which begs the question: Why?

Why was it retracted by the New York Times without an update notice?

If the airplane didn’t lose altitude then it can only have gone lost midair and there are only a very few possible reasons for this. It either exploded due to malfunctioning, due to an attack with (a) missile(s) or due to a bomb that was placed on the plane.

There’s no other way it could have “just vanished” …

… Unless of course… an AWACS-like airplane was in the immediate vicinity of flight MS804 to hijack it and guide it to an alternate destination, but for this we’d need the passengers manifest so we can try to determine who really was on board and among the alleged 66 persons who embarked at Charles De Gaulle, Paris, France.

Ken Upal


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14 thoughts on “EgyptAir Flight 804 “Did Not Lose Altitude … Just Vanished””

    1. Just found that link and was wondering too what you mean by ‘missing quote’? Still holding there stand.

      We will likely never find out the truth and neither will black boxes be found. But the fact is the story does not stack up.

      You do not mention the distress call received two hours after lost radar contact – something the officials later denied.

      I would like to know names of all the passengers on the plane. This could perhaps give some clue. Anybody knows why there was security staff on board?

      Richard Osman was a senior executive of gold mining company Centamin. Two days earlier another executive Kevin Tomlinson resigned. Might be completely irrelevant.

    2. Hi thanks for pointing it out. The link is totally different to the one all other press outlets referred to, hence my questions. Still, Ehab Mohy el-Deen was quoted and referenced in the article I linked to at NYT but that has still been removed, hence my questions.

  1. Your article is very clear. Not even a fly can pass through the atmosphere with out being recorded and yet all these planes have gone down and not one country has stepped up and said “here is our satellite evidence on what happened. What the hell is going on?

    1. Especially in the Mediterranean I am strongly convinced that the entire region is actually filmed by satellites 24/7, as is the case for several other regions, if not the entire globe. The technology is certainly available.

      1. That is simple: guaranteeing that the zio sector’s doctrine of war on terror is victorious, that people themselves ask for (demand) more oppression.

  2. Ken, check out this passenger list.

    Looks like check-in order? Interesting 3 guys with the same reservation number coming with security personnel. Even more interesting when you Google them two Names appear on ‘Prohibited List’ of RBC Investor & Treasury: Mahmoud Elsayed, Mohamed Farad ($FILE/Egypt%20-%20Prohibited%20List%2020.01.16.pdf). Do not know what that means and whether relevant at all.

  3. Pure speculation of course but what if the MS804 was sitting in the hangar of a neighbouring “entity” waiting to be returned to France, courtesy of ISIS, during the Euro 2016 Football event…… know what would happen next….

    1. It is EXTREMELY unlikely – as in WON’T HAPPEN – that “ISIS” would be able to steal a plane midair, through remote hijacking, and landing it safely at an alternate destination without the funding and cultivation of lets say the CIA and the Mossad, ditto for “Al Qaeda” during 9/11.

      But yes, as things stand now that seems to be the most appropriate conclusion, that the plane is standing in a neighboring entity, such as Israel.

      Thanks for your message.

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