US Government Is the Rogue Creator of 96 Pools of Spent Reactor Fuel

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“Scientists Say Nuclear Fuel Pools Around the Country Pose Safety and Health Risks: Ninety-six aboveground, aquamarine pools around the country that hold the nuclear industry’s spent reactor fuel may not be as safe as U.S. regulators and the nuclear industry have publicly asserted, a study released May 20 by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine warned.” – Center for Public Integrity

At this day and age there is no valid reason anymore for any nation at all to have unused spent nuclear reactor fuel pools sitting around. None at all. Unless willful hostile intentions are playing their part too.

At least since the 1960s has Russia, for instance, been researching and developing closed-loop nuclear power facilities. These nuclear reactor installations reuse the spent fuel (rods) over and over again until the point is reached where it is exhausted and also no longer a danger to the health of the public if anything should go wrong, for whatever reason that may be.

Knowing that Russia is already a step further, that it is even optimizing closed-loop nuclear technology, there is no reason to assume that they are still the only ones on the planet who have access to it.

That, I refuse to believe. If no one else than surely Hillary Clinton for instance may have played a role in selling this kind of technology and its blueprints to the highest bidders over the past decades, whoever and whatever nation it was at that time.

So, to have the USA sitting on 90+ spent fuel pools without using them can only mean that there are specific plans for it that don’t include peacefulness.

The constant reference to “terrorism” relative to these pools, and the power grid as a whole, should tell us what at least some of the spent fuel pools in the USA will be used for and one shouldn’t be too shy to insinuate that zionist handlers will find the right patsies for the job.

Ken Upal


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