FARS News: “Egyptian Media Blame Israel for A320 Passenger Jet Crash”

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EgyptAir Flight 804 Update 29 (Part of the main report)

First I will give you the article published by FARS News (Iran):

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Egyptian media raised the possibility that the A320 passenger jet of EgyptAir airline which was en route from Paris to Cairo crashed due to Israeli fighter jets’ exercises in the region.

Al-Mesri al-Youm newspaper wrote that in its report of the plane’s crash, Greece hasn’t mentioned Israeli warplanes’ wargames in the Southern parts of Crete Island which was revealed earlier this month by Tel Aviv, adding that the maneuvers had started one night before the Egyptian plane’s crash.

It added that the exercises are staged with the goal of training the Israeli air force pilots using Greece’s airspace which is adjacent to Egypt and Libya.

According to the report, Israel started the maneuvers on May 18 and they will last until next January.

Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry confirmed in a statement on May 19 that A320 passenger jet has crashed.

Earlier, the ministry had said that an SOS message was sent out from the missing jet.

“The military received an SOS message from the plane emergency devices,” it said.

There were 56 passengers from 12 countries and 10 crew members onboard.

The plane was expected to land in the Egyptian capital at 3:05 a.m. local time. The jet disappeared from radars some 280 kilometers from the Egyptian coast.

The military received an SOS message from the plane’s emergency devices at 04:26 a.m. local time (0226 GMT).

This is the second major incident with Egypt’s flag carrier airline this year.

For now all I have to add to this is that the alleged “smoking gun” here of war games being the cause of the demise of flight 804 has pretty much been exhausted without much to show for it.

First it were the war games under Phoenix Express, allegedly, which last till May 27. Then others went further and claimed this set of navy drills were actually til well into the month of June. Now we have FARS claiming that it happened under Israeli exercises, which are obviously separate events since they allegedly last “until next January.”

Based on this, there are war games going on all year round and then it is all of a sudden far less special and thrilling to point to that “smoking gun evidence”… being war games.

Is there a proven conspiracy here with EgyptAir flight MS 804? Yes, it is more than likely that the plane is safely parked in Israel, like I mentioned, for a future job for which now the patsies are being prepped by their zionist handlers.

As for the shooting down and the war games, well, that may of course still be true and possible but the deliberate lack of pictures plays in the advantage of a remote hijacking here.

Even if the plane was shot at and exploded along the way down, WITH ANY PICTURES OF PLANE WRECKAGE AT ALL the general public would easily be fooled into believing that all traces of fire and explosions are linked to an accident, even if to trained eyes the evidence of a hostile attack would be staring the world in the face. That has not happened here, aside from totally meaningless photos of “debris”, which can easily be collected from any hangar where EgyptAir planes are repaired, we have nothing substantial that indicates a real crash at all.

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