Newsflash: ‘Twinkism’ isn’t Natural. Yes, It’s Cultivated.

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I’m sick and tired of those people who insist that we have to approach the evil and darkness of this world with love and joy joy feelings and that star children and light workers will save this planet at the end of the day.

Let me tell you something, it won’t happen!

Star children, allegedly having been sent from all corners of the universe (good god!), will not stop the zio sector from further perverting the western populations and their youngsters through deception and heinous war crimes – the REAL terror on this planet. And the biggest danger as well.

Light workers will not stop the dysfunctional entertainment and infotainment industries from further exposing and indoctrinating our current and future teenagers to and into twinkism.

Yes, twinkism, the cult of teenage boys willingly submitting to the artificially acquired retardness of feminized counterparts who don’t even know for sure anymore whether or not the earth is flat or what the capital is of Japan.

Twinks are also increasingly famous artists and porn heroes for the (young) western audiences, especially young gay boys. These “guys” throw themselves in front of their web cam to get their thing on for the whole world to see while giving the most ridiculous answers to basic general knowledge questions.

Yes, twinkism is cultivated on purpose by powers that want to be and holding hands and singing we are the world isn’t going to turn the tide for the better.

Try telling the people in Sabra and Shatila and Jenin about your star children and light workers who will allegedly save humanity, see how much they care or believe you. Go ahead, I dare you to.

Try telling the parents of the children in Iraq and Syria who have their jaws blown off by bombs dropped by the western “peace alliance.” See if they care to believe you that twinkism is a good and natural thing.

See how much a pedophile victim will appreciate your reply that “it’s OK, a star child will come and take you away to the Pleiades.”

You passive maniacs are part of the problem!

Ken Upal


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Ken Upal

I'm an Anti-Slave and Omni-Rebel.

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