The “Iran Deal”: What the 1918 Billion Dollar World Jewry Fund Can Do…

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Most don’t know or have forgotten so I’ll bring it up again today. In 1918 jewish banker Felix Warburg established a one billion US dollar fund to “rebuild world jewry.” Well, that was the official and public narrative back then. Today, of course, we know better and what was then called world jewry by him is in fact world zionism and both are NOT the same by definition, nor relative to the followers it attracts.

First, you have to envision and understand that billion dollar fund in the right way (20-25 billion US dollars today) and how it grew exponentially during the past 100 years to easily a thousandfold of that initial capital.


It is not a fund that just sits there today and funds zionist causes on its own. Over the past decades, or over almost the past 100 years, this fund has morphed into hundreds of other funds, organizations, think tanks, foundations and pro-Israel and zionist lobby groups.

“The Fund”, that 1 billion dollars, has helped to make certain zionists rich(er), (more) powerful and (more) influential in the world economy and on the world’s political scene although they prefer to operate and dictate behind the scenes.

Having said that, it now makes sense why an article published by Breitbart recently, “Soros-Backed Group that Helped Sell Iran Nuclear Deal Funds Media, DC Think Tanks”, locks perfectly in to the above. It basically reports and documents manifestations of The 1918 Fund and the power it has over today’s society after almost a century.

On the surface the deal was marketed and advertised as being good for Iran and the world, in that it would open up the economic blockades and, thus, allow for once opposing economies to work together and benefit royally, especially on the western side of the deal this is even more the case. After all, Iran can pretty much do without western economies, they have proven that all too well. It is the western and US corporations that want to tap into Iran’s market and to eventually try to put a debt chain around as many Iranians their necks as possible.

But all this drops to the background instantly when you read why J Street, a liberal jewish/zionist lobby group, for instance, was all too eager to collect $576,500 from the Ploughshares Fund to advocate in favor of the Iran deal. Ploughshares Fund is on its turn financed by zionist billionaire George Soros, among others of his kind.

“J Street worked to advance the nuclear agreement with Iran out of the belief that this is an important agreement which contributes mightily to Israel’s security

Israel’s security…

The economic part is merely the sales pitch, the bait to pull the world further into the zionist trap of keeping Israel the most dangerous and nuclear armed entity in the Middle East, if not the entire world.


That’s how powerful, decisive and deceitful The Fund has become. You have to admit it, they are masters of deception because even today most folks will laugh this entire notion away, as they do with the fact that the zionists have been pushing their 6,000,000-number since at least June 11, 1900 (Stephen S. Wise, New York Times).

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