You Must Investigate Fort McMurray Wildfires!

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The wildfires that are raging in Alberta, Canada must be investigated by independent individuals who have access to the areas there. We need more reports coming in from citizen journalism to have a fair counterbalance to what the regular press is presenting to the world.

For now there are already a few things I want to point out about the wildfires that may give independent investigators some more leads.

1. Non-Disclosure

People entering Fort McMurray have reported that they were required by the local government to sign non-disclosure documents, legally forbidding them from revealing what they have seen during their presence in Fort McMurray after and during the wildfires.

Somehow this immediately  reminds me of hurricane Sandy in the USA. There also a great mystery was created when photos appeared in the press that clearly showed how certain blocks of the local communities there were set on fire purposely and no one from the government ever investigated this, I am still not finding answers for those photos that were released back then and I already feel we are going to see the same with the McMurray wildfires.

I have seen many videos and photos already of the wildfires and the destruction and some seem dubious enough to doubt them but until I can be sure that we are dealing with willful destruction by setting houses on fire by any party I will hold back from posting them here.

Although this “non-disclosure” is likely one of the most important aspects of these wildfires there’s more than that alone that needs more exposure and attention if we want to come closer to exactly why there is a non-disclosure policy being imposed to begin with.

2. Downscaling of Budgets

Apparently the local government there has deliberately been downscaling the budgets for firefighting (while knowing very well what the consequences would be) and this became glaringly obvious to more than only the local opposition politicians.

In many instances until this very day the local government has simply been refusing requests for help by companies who have offered their equipment and infrastructure to fight the wildfires, while still claiming that all resources are being deployed by the government.

One such case involves Martin MARS – Coulson Flying Tankers:

We have had several inquiries from the public and the media as to why the Mars is not working on the fire situation up in Fort McMurray.

Firstly, if there was a request by the Alberta Government to contract the Martin Mars, we would do everything in our power to support the request. In fact, we have offered one of our C-130’s that could be made available immediately, to the Alberta Government however they currently do not see a need for it at the moment. We have our crews for it on standby, regardless. Next to the Mars at 7200 USG, our C-130’s are the largest propeller driven air tankers in the world with a 4400 USG capacity.

Secondly, in the firefighting business it is the government that has operational control of the aircraft. No aircraft operator in the world can simply go and put out a fire, even if they wanted to and if someone ever did, they would be facing serious criminal charges.

The Mars is currently going through its yearly inspection. Based on the fact no government has any interest whatsoever in the aircraft fighting fire, we have decided to take the Mars to the Oshkosh Air Show in late July in hopes of finding another business or home for it, keeping it somewhat operational.

We understand the frustration of the public, especially in a case like this where a fire is consuming property and threatening lives. We are committed to supporting government agencies, firefighters and the public when our services are required.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the wildfire situation in Fort McMurray.

Knowing this, the non-disclosure policy referred to earlier suddenly becomes somewhat more transparent and the suggestion of houses being destroyed on purpose (by “any” party, for now) isn’t that far fetched anymore.

Clearly someone or a certain group of power brokers want many of the families (if not all) who live in Fort McMurray to take a hike. Likely other plans are already on the drawing board for Fort McMurray but these cannot be implemented as long as people are living there.

3. Nuclear Waste

Lastly, there is also a nuclear waste site in Beacon Hill that was caught by the “wildfires” and reports by the press have stated that indeed the fires raged over the land at the site, but, they said, the 42,500m3 nuclear waste is covered by a 45 cm layer of soil and clay and that this situation never posed any danger to the public during the “wildfires”.

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