“Transgender Bathrooms” is in Fact Covert Feminism, Proves Jane Eisner (Zionist Editor-in-Chief of The Forward)

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Men Are Evil

I don’t really get into this issue with great pleasure because it is so transparent what it really represents: scientifically engineering of society into a state where no one really knows what they are (human or cyborg if you will) and where they come from historically, except for those with the huge and well-guarded personal libraries.

But the fact of the matter is that transgenderism in its current state is in fact part of scientifically engineered feminism.

I find it hard to believe that the majority of transgenders themselves would actually feel more safe and comfortable in a for them designated restroom in the long term. After all, who’s who? Talking about xenophobia, confusion and frustration…. What these restrooms would do sooner than providing publicly sanctioned refuge is cultivating more panic and anxiety disorder victims. Or is it new potential patients?

In any event, The Forward’s zionist editor-in-chief Jane Eisner actually described in her own words, whether she wanted to or not, what transgenderism really is at the end of the day. I will pull up some excerpts from her recent article on the matter:

“What’s Really Behind the Angst Over Transgender Bathrooms?”

Bathrooms are the intimate, yet public, stage on which our anxieties about shifting sexual norms and identities are being played out. So while on a practical level this debate is about the rights (or restrictions) of transgender people, if you listen closely, it’s about so much more.

There is no denying that on a basic level, these debates are driven in part by homophobic bigots and their funders…

And then, when you really consider the fears expressed by those opposed to these changes — real and, too often, imagined — you realize that these people aren’t freaking out only about trans people. They are freaking out about men.

The bathroom — more specifically, the women’s restroom — is the one publicly sanctioned refuge for women, a sanctuary from harassment and abuse, a safe space, to employ that overused phrase. In all my conversations and in all the articles I’ve read on this issue, I haven’t heard anyone express the fear that a person who was born a woman and now identifies as a man will cause harm if he enters a men’s room.

But the fear that a person who was born a man and now presents as a woman will lurk behind the stalls to attack unsuspecting daughters is threaded throughout objections to the bathroom mandate.

“We’re in denial about most of the violence against women in our society, and this brings it to the surface,” Ladin observed. “If I am in a women’s room and see someone who looks like a guy, I’m taken aback. It doesn’t make sense, except for the fact that women everywhere are exposed to violence.”

This isn’t about transgender individuals behaving badly, it’s about men behaving badly.

So let us not deny the safety of transgender people because we are in more pervasive denial about the violence against all women that persists — indeed, seems to be expected — in our society. Civil rights legislation like this is a necessary first step in becoming a more inclusive and tolerant nation…

And that’s when the mask suddenly and briefly came off….

But she’s far from being the only influential zionist voice that feeds this scientifically engineered feminism and the feminizing of men and boys (twinkism). And quite frankly, I bet that the covert transgenderism agenda is in fact a major tentacle of The 1918 Fund. It explains the massive support by the zionists for this subject matter.

The Times of Israel: “US Jewish groups laud government’s transgender protections”


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