Common Grounds in Libya: People Distrust Rothschild Banking, Welcome Russian-Printed Dinars

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The Libyan people are signaling to the rest of the world that all of them have complete distrust in the by the USA, UK and Israel imposed banking and oppression systems.

What are still perceived to be rivaling political and tribal coalitions in Libya are more and more becoming uniting powers in the country although the social fabric has still a lot of restoring to do due to the EU and NATO their partitioning of the country and its people. A fully united Libya is still many years away when the western imperialists are not being halted.

Ever since the by zionists’ mega financiers, Rothschild and JP Morgan, advised De La Rue has been printing the Libyan Dinars, which it is now purposely limiting to force people back into their hostile banking system, Libyans have increasingly been distrusting the banking system in their country and have as a result been keeping most of their cash at home and in safes, away from the Rothschilds their black hole of debt.

It was only a few days ago that the Libyan central bank in the east, which is not recognized by the zionist alliance, announced that starting June 1 of this year 4 billion Libyan Dinars, that were printed in Russia, will be brought into circulation as a response to the Rothschilds’ chess move to further push Libyans into submission.

Initially the Tripoli government, recognized by the UN for what that is merely worth, was opposed to the plans of the parallel central bank in the east of Libya fearing that more bank notes would destabilize the Libyan Dinar but by now the Tripoli government has reportedly accepted the plans and will even assist in the process of circulating the 4 billion Russian-printed Dinars.

This not only because they really don’t have another choice if they truly want a united Libya again but also because the UN and Rothschild/De La Rue banking conditions are pretty much strangling Libya to death in the medium-long term.

Oil exports have also been sabotaged by the zionist alliance and as a result thereof both rivaling local governments have been limiting the available oil. Aside from NATO’s proxy armies taking control of oil fields.

In response to the Russian-printed Dinars the USA has branded the new notes as being counterfeits and is now desperately trying to urge “the international community” to reject and not recognize the fresh money.

As confusing as it may all seem, we should let the Libyans solve their own problems that have unfortunately willingly been created by outside interests such as NATO and the zionist sector (The 1918 Fund), the illegal killing of Gaddafi and thousands of innocent Libyans is proof of that obviously.

Hopefully the signal of working together more closely, if even for a brief moment, when it concerns banking is more than what it appears to the outside world. Lets hope that the rivaling governments in Libya see this plan as the best option available to successfully and without more needless blood-shedding break the chain that holds Libya shackled by the US and the UK governments and the rest of the zio sector.

Ken Upal


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