“Stop Intimidation” – New Political Nanny State Campaign in Antwerp, Belgium

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Antwerp’s red light district is arguably still the most famous and most favorite of its kind in Belgium. Hundreds of young, older and retired men (and transgenders, lets be politically correct here) from both the north and south of Belgium travel daily to Antwerp to feast off of the delicatessen offered there.

The same city where roughly 1,000 women and 1,000 men are professional prostitutes (uhmm, where the gender shufflers should be categorized under I haven’t got an honest idea in fact) and where the world’s jewish diamond capital is hosted (not to mention all the real dangers that brings along for the entire country) recently launched a nanny state campaign wherein intimidation and sexual intimidation are addressed. Allegedly 1 in 3 women and girls between the ages of 16 and 25 stated in a recent poll that they had been intimidated on the streets of Antwerp. Intimidated was not further defined in news reports.

The entire campaign is bound to miss its goal of eradicating public intimidation partially or entirely because the leading video for the campaign is already being received as being “comical” and “covertly racist”. No youngster will take this campaign serious in any way.

Many youngsters and even family men say that the campaign video and accompanying posters will have absolutely no impact on Antwerp’s society nor will it make women feel any safer and that the funds for it had better been used for more serious projects in this day and age such as stopping child predators and fighting corruption.

The city of Antwerp gave the following statement for the campaign:

“With this campaign the city of Antwerp wants to take action against unacceptable, sexual behavior.

Yes, it’s a sensitive topic but it deserves extra attention. Not just because it often was on the news during recent months, unfortunately, but also because the city of Antwerp wants to make men and women aware about sexually intimidating behavior never being acceptable. No one should see such behavior as being “part of daily life.” It does not fit in the public, modern, urban culture that Antwerp pursues.”

The campaign was launched by the N-VA party of the city mayor Bart De Wever. A party that has increasingly been flirting with the zionist lobby in Belgium – before, during and after the shooting in the Brussels jewish museum where a zionist patsy allegedly shot two Israeli secret service operatives.

The REAL Intimidation

Since then and the doubtful Brussels bombings the same political party has been hammering Flanders, Belgium, with intrusive “security” measures obviously following the zio sector’s war on terror doctrine that was implemented in the entire world, practically, after the 9/11 inside job attacks where multiple Israeli spies were arrested for but magically set free as well without further follow up. It needs no imagination to believe that the mayor of Antwerp wipes the entire 9/11 inside job theory off the table without having seen actual reports and video material that debunk the US government’s own theory.

The new campaign of course is in light of the further nannyfying of the governments around the world and Belgium, being the center of the EU, is required to set examples for the rest of Europe.


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